Procurement policy

​The Capital Region of Denmark’s current procurement policy was adopted in 2019 and applies to all procurement activity in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Regardless of whether the procurement takes place internally or externally the procurement policy includes: 
  • consumables
  • equipment
  • services
  • medicine
  • construction projects

The procurement policy establishes principles which support the objectives of the region​​

The purpose of the procurement policy is to establish general principles for the acquisition of goods and services for the whole region, so that it supports the objectives of the region at all times, and that a good framework is established to ensure the best possible purchasing conditions for the region, to the benefit of all the region’s hospitals and institutions.

The procurement policy follows national and international law and other relevant regional policies​​

As far as it is relevant, implementation of the procurement policy will take into account other policies in the region, such as the forthcoming environmental policy, and it will respect national and international laws and regulations concerning human rights, employee rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

The procurement department takes care of agreements and contracts

The procurement department of Corporate Management, Economy takes care of all agreements and contracts for purchasing goods, services and acquisitions for all hospitals and institutions in the Capital Region of Denmark. These agreements can be cross-disciplinary or relate to a single enterprise or department.

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