Clinical Trials

​Research and Innovation offers a comprehensive approach to carrying out clinical trials in the Capital Region of Denmark. This approach is to enable industry to find collaboration partners for clinical trials at the hospitals of the region.


Research and Innovation offers to assist in the feasibility process by helping to find centres to perform specific clinical trials for a company or sponsor. This is done by establishing contact to researchers who are able to and want to collaborate with industry on a clinical trial in the role of investigator.

Contact may be established to potential investigators at several dif​​ferent levels:

  • Creating initial contact between industry and potential investigators.
  • Visiting potential investigators to conduct an introductory interview to gather specific knowledge about the suitability of the centre for specific clinical trials.
  • Proposal for possible Site Management Organisations in the Capital Region of Denmark that may act as centre in a clinical trial or help with part of a clinical trial.

Contact ​​to research networks

Research and Innovation may help create contact to specialist specific research networks in the Capital Region of Denmark. It can be advantageous to join a network when commencing a clinical trial. A research network may be e.g. a forum where a clinical trial is discussed professionally, and it may also serve as a good foundation for finding investigators who wish to participate in the trial as centre.

Find clin​​ical trial subjects

Obtain advice and counselling on how to find subjects interested in participating in clinical trials. Research and Innovation has a targeted approach to patient recruitment with a view to helping enterprises find clinical trial subjects.


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