Technology transfer

The Centre for Innovation and Research (CIR) represents researchers at 12 hospitals as well as the Psychiatry Centre in the Capital Region of Denmark. With the Centre for Innovation and Research as your point of entry to research collaboration, you will have access to some of the leading Danish researchers in health environment.
The Capital Region of Denmark is a professional negotiating partner
Our advisers have knowledge about legal, commercial and technical matters and all have vast experience from various industries, consultancy firms, investors and law firms. This helps ensure a professional negotiating partner who knows how to manage research-based collaborations.

​Medicon Va​lley - a European bio-tech region

The Capital Region of Denmark makes up a significant part of Medi​con Valley which is represented by Zealand in Denmark and Skåne in Sweden. Medicon Valley includes more than 300 bio-tech companies and is the 4th largest region in Europe within development of new clinical products. Researchers at the Capital Region of Denmark contribute substantially to this development.

Business D​​evelopment

The Centre for Innovation and Research will help create contact between your enterprise and the inventors of the region. We have specific knowledge about your invention and we know at which stage you are with regard to science, IPR and proof of concept.


Our legal staff reviews and negotiates all types of contracts entered into with employees at hospitals or in the mental health services of the Capital Region of Denmark.

Kontakt our legal staff bye e-mail: stb-kontrakter@regionh.dk​​​

Our role in​​​​​ commercialisation

The Centre for Innovation and Research is responsible for the commercial aspects of a collaboration:
  • IP rights: We carry out news studies and monitor the patenting process.
  • Business model: We lay down a commercial strategy for your invention and prepare a business model.
  • Market: Most often we carry out our own market analyses, and subsequently enter into a dialogue with enterprises on the possibilities of placing your product on the market.
  • Term Sheet: We draw up the introductory draft upon agreement with the enterprises.

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