Note, you must observe the attendance rules for the alcohol, drugs and traffic course 

Duty of attendance

There is a duty of attendance to all four lessons. If you are unable to attend a lesson, you must start over again in a new class and a new course fee must be paid.


In the event of sickness, contact the alcohol, drugs and traffic administration or the instructor on the course before the start of the lesson. In the event of sickness, medical documentation is required and this must be received by the alcohol, drugs and traffic administration no later than seven days after the relevant lesson. In the event of sickness, the course participant must start in another class following agreement with the alcohol, drugs and traffic administration, however the course fee will not be charged again.

Attendance contract

Upon registration, the participant will receive a contract which is also reviewed in the first lesson.
The contract will state among other things, that all participants have a duty of confidentiality and that they are a obligated to participate actively in the course.
Participants are not permitted to attend the course if under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
Failure to comply with the attendance rules leads to expulsion.

The course is in Danish

Participants must be able to understand and speak Danish to the extent necessary. If a participant does not understand or speak Danish, an interpreter may be used. The interpreter is not required to be authorised but must be over 18 years old.
Any expenses for an interpreter are borne by the participant.
Teaching materials can be obtained in English on application to the administration​

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