Who can attend the course?

​​The course is for persons wishing to regain their driver's licence after an unsuspended or suspended disqualification of their driver's licence due to drunk driving. The course is also for persons who have been prohibited from driving due to drunk driving, drug driving and/or driving when sedated or unfit to drive.

Types of disqualification

Driving prohibition:

Your driver's licence has been suspended but you can regain it once you have taken a theoretical and practical driver's test. A driving prohibition is given to new drivers who have had their driver's licence for less than three years.

Suspended disqualification

You have not had your driver's licence revoked but must take a theoretical and practical test within six months.

Unsuspended disqualification

Your driver's licence has been revoked and therefore you may not drive a car for three years or more.

Please note that if you have been issued an unsuspended disqualification, you cannot begin an alcohol, drugs and traffic course until three months prior to the expiry of the disqualification period at the earliest.

Questions regarding the disqualification

If you have questions regarding the disqualification you can contact the Police or the ANT administration.​

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