The region’s role in traffic

Together, the regions in Denmark play an important role in terms of public transport with regard to procurement.
Movia is Denmark’s largest traffic company serving and being funded by the Capital Region of Denmark, the Region Zealand and 45 municipalities in the two regions according to statutory rules.

The region funds the regional bus lines and local railways.

Furthermore, together with the state and 11 municipalities, the Capital Region of Denmark is funding the coming light rail along the ring road Ring 3.

The region also plays an important role in relation to facilitating a wide collaboration regionally and internationally. This is by e.g. analysing and supporting development initiatives on infrastructure.


Birgit E. Petersen, Chief Adviser
+45 20 56 12 43

High availability and easy passability is vital for the region to maintain and improve its position in competition with other European big cities. The infrastructure of the region must therefore be considerably developed in the coming years, and we can make an effort ourselves.
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