TASEMA is the short name for the comprehensive research programme “TArgeted SElf-MAnagement in People with Inflammatory Arthritis (IA)”. TASEMA is a nurse-led research project aiming to enable people with inflammatory arthritis to live a good life with their disease. Our focus is self-management, which implies to support people with inflammatory arthritis to have knowledge and skills to achieve the full potential to manage their arthritis. In addition, TASEMA encompasses research into the epidemiology of anxiety and depression and the development, testing, and implementation of interventions, defining affordable and feasible strategies to address some of the many challenges faced by people with inflammatory arthritis. 

The research programme became a reality in 2019 when the Head of TASEMA, Bente Appel Esbensen, received DKK 7.5 Mio. from The Novo Nordisk Foundation. The research programme covers three main studies, each containing several sub-studies.  ​