The ABC of conflict management

​Conflicts are here to stay. They affect our daily clinical work to a certain degree no matter our profession. They can be a source of frustration or development depending on the manner and speed with which we handle them

Learning objectives

At this course you and your colleagues will acquire knowledge about the nature of conflict along with insight training in the management of conflicts:

  • Definition of conflict – what is a conflict?
  • Non-violent communication - how do I deescalate a conflict?
  • Reactions in conflict situations - how much do my conflict pattern affect conflicts with colleagues, patients and next of kin?
  • The taboo: When we are not acting professionally - does it happen to me/us?
  • Simulation training – we test the theories. 

Form and content

The course takes place over one day from 8.30 am to 4.00 pm.

The course is based on your own experiences. Thus confidentiality is an essential factor strongly supported by the instructors.

​Target group

The course is multi-professional and is available to all health professionals.


The course is held at:
CAMES – Copenhagen Academy for Medical Education and Simulation
Herlev Hospital
Herlev Ringvej 75, 25. floor
2730 Herlev​, Denmark


The price is 1060 DKK per participant.​


Register at this link.


Questions regarding content and entry:  Course leader Lene Funck Petersen, e-mail: , phone: +45 3868 ​9068

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