About "Tips from pediatricians"

“Tips from pediatricians” provides tips, advice and guidance for parents with sick children. 

Many parents would like to know more about what to do if their child becomes acutely ill. “Tips from pediatricians” aims at providing clarity and confidence for parents with sick children between the ages of 6 months to 12 years. 

It is a national campaign to improve the ability of parents to judge when they can take it easy and care for their ill children at home, and when they should contact their general practitioner, the medical hotline, or out-of-hours medical services.

“Tips from pediatricians” consists of short informative videos that tell parents about acute symptoms and provide them with guidance for when their child is ill. The videos focus on symptoms relating to approximately 80 percent of sudden acute illnesses in children. The videos have been tested on the target group, and they received a positive response for their relevance and usability. The videos can be watch in danish and have also been translated into english and Arabic


Pediatricians and other specialist physicians from across Denmark helped develop “Tips from pediatricians”. The messages were developed in collaboration with the emergency medical services, the Capital Region of Denmark, the Danish Pediatric Society and the non-profit organisation Børneliv. The messages have been endorsed by sundhed.dk (a web portal with access to personal health data), Læge- og patienthåndbogen (the doctor and patient handbooks), Komiteen for Sundhedsoplysning, Mødrehjælpen, as well as the Department of Communication and Arts at Roskilde University. 

The initiative is being funded by the Capital Region of Denmark and TrygFonden.

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