Capital Region of Denmark earmarks DKK 7 bn. for hospital renovation

​The Regional Council has set budget negotiations in motion by earmarking DKK 7 bn. over the next ten years to renovate the hospitals run by the Capital Region of Denmark. Patients, the climate and employees will all benefit.

Paint peeling off the walls, old water pipes, and aging technical installations that often break down.

Many of the Capital Region of Denmark’s buildings were built several years ago, including the three major hospitals, Hvidovre, Herlev and Rigshospitalet, which all date from the 1970s. Now they are beginning to show their age, and the many emergency repairs being carried out cause difficulties for employees, they are costly, and they don’t actually address the root of the problem.

Therefore, it is time for comprehensive renovation of all of the Capital Region of Denmark’s hospitals, and DKK 7 bn. has been allocated over the next ten years to renovate and modernise the hospitals, with special focus on green and sustainable solutions. 

A thorough analysis confirms that the time is ripe 

The initiative was taken following an analysis by Rambøll that was submitted to the Capital Region of Denmark in spring 2018. The analysis showed that it is time to initiate major and thorough renovation work at the hospitals, and on the basis of this analysis all the parties in the Capital Region of Denmark have agreed to earmark the funds.

“We can’t live with the increasing number of temporary and short-sighted solutions, and in light of the Rambøll analysis, I’m pleased that all the parties in the Regional Council have agreed to earmark this significant sum to make good the backlog. This is a ‘must-do’ project in every respect, and clearly we’ll take responsibility for it to ensure that patients and employees have good and safe buildings,” said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Chairman of the Regional Council.

Start where things are worst, and leave a strong green fingerprint 

The parties agree to approach the plan so that the most urgent problems are dealt with first. At the same time, they want to make the hospitals greener. At the start of the ten-year period, focus will be on renovating the areas where today many emergency repairs have been called for, causing nuisance for patients and disrupting clinical departments. 

Furthermore, focus will be on green renovation, where old energy-guzzling ventilation systems, cooling systems, heating and lighting will be replaced with more energy-saving installations.

“Of course we have a responsibility and ambitions regarding our energy consumption, so it’s only natural that we’re starting by looking at the areas where we’ll be able to see a reduction in our energy consumption immediately. This will also save money on energy bills. But we must also ensure a good and modern physical framework when people come into a hospital as patients,” said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (S). 

More money later

The renovation plan is following a financial outline by which DKK 2.3 bn. has been allocated over the first four years, and the remaining funds will be spread over the final six years. Starting with energy-saving initiatives will release funds for later, and funds will also be released when the new major construction projects have been completed.

It has also been agreed that the Centre for Real Estate at the Capital Region of Denmark will report once a year to the Regional Council so that politicians can ensure that the renovation is being carried out systematically and in line with the plan.

Further information:

  • Danish Social Democrats: Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Chairman of the Regional Council, via Public Relations, Capital Region of Denmark (+45) 70 20 95 88 (note that it is not possible to text this number), or email
  • Denmark's Liberal Party: Anne Ehrenreich, mobile (+45) 30 57 19 76
  • Conservative People's Party: Christoffer Buster Reinhardt, mobile (+45) 51 26 99 26
  • Red-Green Alliance: Marianne Frederik, mobile (+45) 41 43 45 17
  • Danish People's Party: Henrik Thorup, mobile (+45) 40 40 81 88
  • Danish Social-Liberal Party: Karin Friis Bach, mobile (+45) 21 70 50 49
  • SF - Socialist People's Party: Peter Westermann, mobile (+45) 53 37 97 53
  • Alternativet: Martin Schepelern, mobile (+45) 25 33 11 80
  • Liberal Alliance: Niels Høiby, mobile (+45) 40 46 35 32

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