Capital Region of Denmark increases the number of practising doctors

​In 2019, the Capital Region of Denmark will again increase capacity to enable establishment of 11 new medical practices. This was decided by Committee for Prevention and Cohesion on the basis of the annual survey of general practitioner coverage and a forecast of the number of GPs required in the coming five years.

In several areas of the Capital Region, citizens can unfortunately experience difficulties in finding a general practitioner (GP). A number of GPs have retired and the region is experiencing rapid population growth. Therefore, even though capacity was increased in 2017 and 2018, more GPs are still needed. 

This was indicated by the survey of general practitioner coverage for 2019 and the long-term forecast for the coming five years produced by the Capital Region of Denmark in collaboration with PLO-Hovedstaden (an interest organisation for GPs in the capital region) and the municipalities.  

- Over the past few years, we’ve increased our GP capacity to match demand, and we will do this again in 2019. The challenge, however, is the lack of GPs in Denmark as a whole. Even if we do increase capacity, it will still hard to find enough doctors.

- Our focus therefore - together with the municipalities and PLO-Hovedstaden - is to make it attractive to become a GO in this region, says Qasam Nazir Ahmad (The Alternative), Chairman of the Committee for Prevention and Cohesion at the Capital Region of Denmark.

At the forefront of the development

There are currently 1,047 active practices in the region. In addition, 51 practices have been assigned to doctors or are being advertised and therefore they do not yet have patients. Capacity is therefore a total of 1,098 practices. 

The forecast indicates that a capacity of 1,098 is sufficient to satisfy demand during the coming year, and that as early as 2020 further expansion will be required. But capacity alone is not enough. 

The doctors who have been assigned practices also have to set them up open their clinics. To keep up with developments, the region will increase capacity by 11 practices in 2019.

- It’s good that we now have a forecast for the next five years, so that we can stay at the forefront of developments. It provides the region, PLO-Hovedstaden and the municipalities with a good foundation for long-term planning, says Qasam Nazir Ahmad (The Alternative).

Facts relating to general practitioner coverage in the Capital Region of Denmark

  • There is capacity for 1,098 medical practices in the region. 1,047 of these are active. The other 51 are expected to open during 2019 and 2020.

  • On the basis of the annual survey of general practitioner coverage, the region expanded by 13 new medical practices in 2017 and seven in 2018, and extraordinarily with a further 10 practices in the autumn of 2018.  

  • The region also opened two temporary regional clinics in autumn 2018.

  • The population of the region is expected to increase by around 17,900 in 2019 and by a further 17,800 in 2020. The Capital Region of Denmark is therefore now already adding a further 11 practices to cover the need for GPs in 2020.  

Further information:

Qasam Nazir Ahmad (The Alternative), Chairman of the Committee for Prevention and Cohesion under the Capital Region of Denmark, tel.: +45 42 70 40 42

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