Danish and American company cooperate on developing cure for cancer

​The Øresund cooperation with Massachusetts has led to specific results.

​Developing drug against prostate cancer

A new drug against prostate cancer is to be developed across the Atlantic. 
This is the most recent result of the cooperation entered into in 2014 by the Capital Region of Denmark, Region Zealand and Region Skåne with Massachusetts Life Science Center (MLSC) that is the world's leading life science cluster.

One of the elements of this cooperation is a joint programme to directly support projects which unite companies in the Øresund Region and Massachusetts in developing new medicine or new health science technology.

Great impact in battle against cancer

A project aimed at developing a new drug to cure prostate cancer has received funding in the first round of allocation.

The project was created in a cooperation between Oncology Venture from the Capital Region of Denmark and Lantern Pharma from Massachusetts.

"This is a really thrilling cooperation. Oncology Venture contributes with a unique technology, which, based on e.g. genetic data, can predict the extent to which a patient may benefit from a given drug against cancer. 

This means patients can be offered exactly the right treatment that will offer them the greatest benefits. Lantern Pharma contributes with a drug candidate suited for the Oncology Venture technology. If this is successful this will have great significance in the battle against cancer," said Morten Mølgaard, CEO at COBIS - the lead partner in the Danish-Swedish-American cooperation.

Both parties receive about DKK 2.6 million for the project, which has an overall budget of DKK 10.4 million.

We are taking the next step now

Based on the established cooperation with Massachusetts and the results from the recently finished round, the three regions have decided to finance a new programme and thus hope to be able to follow up on the success. 

The new programme called the Universal Program (UP) is aimed at offering funding to smaller projects or to achieving sub-goals of larger projects. Each individual company will receive less funding than earlier, however the programme will benefit more companies.

The Universal Program is welcomed by Lars Gaardhøj (Social Democratic Party), Chairman of the Committee of Trade and Growth of the Capital Region of Denmark:

Cooperation creates specific growth

"This is exactly why we politicians signed the cooperation agreement with another leading international region. These programmes show that cooperation can create specific growth and also improve the health condition of populations. I believe we will see even more results in the future," said Lars Gaardhøj.

Also the Swedes are excited about the cooperation. Rita Jedlert, deputy medical director in Region Skåne said: 

"As Scanians we are naturally pleased that Massachusetts - as one of the world's leading life science clusters, considers our region an important cooperation partner. In the coming years, we hope that the new programmes will contribute further to new innovations in health services which can enhance regional growth.

Growth in Greater Copenhagen

Jens Stenbæk (the Liberals), Chairman of the Regional Council for Region Zealand said: 

"We are pleased that a Danish company has succeeded in joining this prestigious cooperation. This new partnership tool paves the way for Region Zealand companies being able to participate in cooperation projects with Massachusetts companies. 

We are working with the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Skåne on growth in Greater Copenhagen, and precisely this kind of international context emphasises the importance of working together in the region.”


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