Greater Copenhagen is best in Europe at attracting investment

​Greater Copenhagen includes all the municipalities and regions in eastern Denmark and Skåne, and with Copenhagen Capacity at the helm, it has developed a strategy to attract foreign investment that has now been acknowledged by the Financial Times as the best in Europe. 

Greater Copenhagen came in ahead of strong competition from Stockholm and Hamburg, and is now among the leading lights in Europe for investment and growth. ​

The Financial Times today announced that it has awarded Greater Copenhagen its foreign direct investment prize (FDI) for the best strategy to attract foreign investment. The prize is for mid-sized regions with between 1.5 and 4 million inhabitants, and Greater Copenhagen beat strong competitors such as Stockholm and Hamburg. 

​Well thought-through strategy

The FDI strategy was developed by Greater Copenhagen, an investment-promotion organisation. Reasons for the victory include that the strategy is particularly well integrated with the growth sectors in the region such as cleantech and smart city, and that the region is working to attract and retain foreign talent. 

“Greater Copenhagen is the winner of best FDI strategy among Europe’s mid-sized regions because it has a lot to offer to international companies in terms of attractive high-growth sectors and a strong focus on attracting and retaining talent, backed by a very visionary and well thought-through strategy for attracting foreign investors and companies,” said Courtney Fingar, Editor-in-Chief of fDi Magazine that is behind the rankings. 

​Fine recognition

The Financial Times carries out the rankings every year, and Copenhagen’s good performance in the rankings is nothing new. In 2014/15, Copenhagen won the prize for best FDI strategy for small European regions. However, this is the first time that the capital region has competed against Stockholm and Hamburg, which are among Copenhagen’s biggest competitors with regard to attracting investment, companies and highly educated labour from abroad. 

“The prize is fine recognition of the work by Copenhagen Capacity. However, as chairman of the Capital Region of Denmark, I am most pleased on behalf of the residents and companies in the region. We have only just joined forces in Greater Copenhagen to become a more visible and attractive choice for global enterprises, and this prize is testament to the right strategy. When global investors look towards Greater Copenhagen, we all benefit from more growth, more jobs, and a better life,” said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Social Democrat).

Further information

  • The FDI Prize​
  • Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, Chairman of the Regional Council, via the On-duty Press Officer at the Capital Region of Denmark, tel. +45 70 20 88 95. 
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