More patients receive personal telephone coaching to avoid readmission to hospital

​More patients are now receiving personal coaching and advice by phone as part of the project Aktiv Patientstøtte (Active Patient Support). This telephone contact can lead to a better quality of life for patients and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

One per cent of Danish patients account for 30 per cent of health service expenditure. Patients with chronic illnesses also experience poorer quality of life with repeated hospital admissions. 

This is the background of the government’s national initiative, Aktiv Patientstøtte (Active Patient Support), which represents a fundamental change in the interaction between the health service and chronically sick patients. 

Today, Aktiv Patientstøtte is holding a major interim follow-up conference in Copenhagen, as the project has now reached half of the 15,000 patients who will ultimately be taking part.

”Experience from other studies shows that this type of initiative can lead to a better quality of life and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions,” says Anne Hvenegaard, head of the Aktiv Patientstøtte programme.

New computer model selects patients

A completely new aspect is that patients are selected on the basis of data relating to diagnoses and previous use of the health service. At the core of Aktiv Patientstøtte is personal telephone coaching of patients for a limited period, usually of 6-9 months. 

The patients are called on a regular basis by a support nurse. The nurse will help patients prioritise and assess their situation, so that they can better deal with the challenges they are facing. 

Aktiv Patientstøtte is a research project running from 2017 until 2019. 


  • Anne Hvenegaard, head of the patient support initiative
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