More resources for cancer treatment

​The Capital Region of Denmark has set aside a sizable amount to employ more people at the region’s cancer departments.


​In the Capital Region of Denmark, around 9,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every year. People get older, and cancer is closely linked with an ageing population: Approx. three out of four new cancer cases are seen among people over the age of 60. Projections show that the number of cancer cases will increase by more than 10% over the next decade.

“We’re enhancing our initiatives in the cancer area. Cancer is a terrible disease, but thankfully, still more people survive it. Therefore, it’s crucial to start cancer treatment as quickly as possible,” said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Danish Social Democrats), Chairman of the Regional Council.

The Regional Council of the Capital Region of Denmark recently decided how to use its share of funds from the Government’s Cancer Plan IV. As a result, a sizeable amount (see the facts below) has been set aside to secure more resources at hospital cancer departments.

The funds will go towards ensuring sufficient staff to cope with the increasing number of cancer patients, also in the future, and will also go towards research and development activities at the hospitals.

Setting priorities at the hospitals

The hospitals have made a total of 30 applications for funding for cancer treatment, all of which focus on increasing the capacity for diagnostic evaluation and treatment capacity. Subsequently, the administration has engaged in a dialogue with the hospitals in order to qualify the applications received.

“We have listened to the experts, and the funds will be targeted at the areas singled out by the hospitals as those deserving most attention, but the hospitals will be free to allocate the funds across several initiatives. This means greater freedom of choice and more flexibility to choose between the most important initiatives at the hospitals - and it allows them to set their own priorities with regard to the share of funds allocated to different initiatives for cancer patients,” said Christoffer Buster Reinhardt (Conservative People’s Party), Chairman of the Health Committee.


  • In August 2018, the Danish Government published “Patienternes Kræftplan IV” (“The Patients’ Cancer Plan IV”), which earmarked funds for increased capacity, among other things. For the Capital Region of Denmark, a total of DKK 19.2 mill. has been set aside in 2018; DKK 47.9 mill. in 2019 and 86.2 mill. in 2020 and onwards.
  • The funds are permanent allocations for initiatives to be launched in 2018, starting with a smaller amount, which will increase to a larger amount in 2019 and onwards. In 2019, there will be a new round of applications for the remaining funds to be granted in 2020 and onwards.
  • In the case of the Capital Region of Denmark, Cancer Plan IV has moreover earmarked DKK 63 mill. in 2018 and DKK 35 mill. in 2019 for equipment. These funds will be set aside for linear accelerators.

Additional information:

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Danish Social Democrats), Chairman of the Regional Council, through the on-duty press officer of the Capital Region of Denmark at +45 7020 9588 or

Christoffer Buster Reinhardt (Conservative People’s Party), Chairman of the Health Committee, at +45 5126 9926 or 

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