New municipal acute team to treat people at home

​On 13 August, Gentofte, Gladsaxe and Rudersdal municipalities will be launching a new, common acute team to move out and treat acutely ill patients in their own homes.

Gentofte, Gladsaxe and Rudersdal have joined forces to set up a common team of acute nurses who can easily move out to people and provide safe and expert treatment in people’s own homes. This will prevent inappropriate and unnecessary hospital admissions.

According to the quality standard issued by the Danish Health Authority, from 2018 all municipalities will have to take over responsibility for acute nursing tasks, and some municipalities, including Gentofte, are already doing the job themselves:

“In the municipality of Gentofte we already have good experience from treating citizens in their own homes and we’re very optimistic about the new cross-municipal collaboration, which will benefit citizens by treating them at home, and municipal employees by enhancing their skills and competences. It makes a lot of sense to cooperate across municipal boundaries, because acute nurses can maintain and develop their competences in more acute tasks,” said the Mayor of Gentofte, Hans Toft.

Jens Ive, Mayor of Rudersdal added:

"We know that a hospital admission is often stressful, especially if it is just to insert a catheter or take a blood sample, which can easily be managed at home. We believe that people feel better if these tasks are done in their own homes, in consultation with their families and a homecare nurse who already knows the patient. A team of nurses is now ready to move out whenever it is needed,” said Jens Ive.

The acute team means that the three municipalities will be working more closely with general practitioners, helplines and hospitals on a citizen's acute illness.

"The definitive difference with the new acute team is that general practitioners, the regional 1813 helplines and the municipalities are working more closely together. Nurses in the acute team have direct contact with physicians covering the helpline, and this means that they can often carry out the treatment themselves at a patient’s home. This is better for citizens, and it saves money for the municipalities and the health system; money which can be used for other health services,” said Trine Græse, Mayor at Gladsaxe Municipality.

Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Social Democrats), Chairman of the Regional Council, added:

"We want more coordinated nursing care for citizens so that we can avoid hospital admissions if they aren’t necessary. No one wants to spend time in a busy emergency department, if the treatment can be carried out in their own home, or closer to their own home. And we can only do this if we’re better at working across sectors. Municipalities, regions and general practitioners must work together for a more human health service, where citizens experience the best possible treatment pathway. The collaboration between these three municipalities is a really good start,” said Ms. Andersen.

Base in Gladsaxe

The new team is based centrally between the three municipalities at Møllegården centre for the elderly in Gladsaxe. The team has been working on its mobile service since April and it is developing rapidly.

Invitation to official launch

The new team is being established under a common municipal trial in the three municipalities, and they are now ready to send out invitations to the official launch of the team, which is to be known as AkutTeam. The launch will be on Monday 13 August at 1:00 p.m. at Seniorcenter Møllegården, Bagsværd Møllevej 9, 2800 Kongens Lyngby, Denmark. The chairman of the region, mayors from the three municipalities, committee chairmen and cooperation partners will all be attending.

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