Patients are still satisfied with the Capital Region of Denmark's emergency admissions and clinics

​The third major survey of patient satisfaction with emergency admissions and clinics in the Capital Region of Denmark shows that patients continue to be pleased with the treatment they receive and they are particularly satisfied with the communication with staff. Moreover, in recent years patients have become more satisfied with the pain-relief treatment they have received.

Sharper focus on communication at the Accident and Emergency Department at Bispebjerg Hospital has borne fruit. Everyone who arrives at the Department is examined by a nurse or a medical secretary at reception. Their injury is assessed and they receive an informed estimate as to how long they will have to wait.

This means that patients and their families are more satisfied.  There is a small additional cost in terms of staff resources, but this is being met by training medical secretaries to assess minor injuries. 

Staff are good at listening

Not only the Accident and Emergency Department at Bispebjerg Hospital has been complimented in the satisfaction survey of emergency admissions and clinics. Patients at the rest of the hospitals in the Region are also primarily satisfied with their treatment. Patients are particularly satisfied with the verbal information they receive, and the personnel’s listening skills.

On the other hand, they would like to see even better information about waiting times. The Capital Region of Denmark can learn from this, and the work by Bispebjerg Hospital can lead the way, together with contributions from the ‘Expected and Welcome’ strategic focus area.

Developments over the years

National surveys of patient satisfaction at emergency admissions and clinics over recent years show that the Capital Region of Denmark is moving in the right direction, although not as fast as could be desired. Initiatives to improve emergency admissions and clinics have been launched, but they take time to take root.


  • The Capital Region of Denmark is constantly striving to improve signage, enhance acute pain-relief treatment, make waiting rooms more comfortable, provide better information about waiting times, and to do much more to improve the process for patients and their families.
  • An emergency admissions department is open 24/7 and can deal with almost any injury. Clinics have shorter opening hours and deal with more minor injuries and illness. The Capital Region of Denmark has six departments and six clinics.
  • The results of the survey (Den Landsdækkende Undersøgelse af Patientoplevelser i Akutmodtagelser) are based on responses to questionnaires from 6,491 patients who visited emergency departments and clinics in August and September 2016.
  • The survey was organised by the Center for Patient Experience and Evaluation on behalf of the regions.

Further information

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