Politicians in the Capital Region of Denmark earmark DKK 72 mill. for hospitals

​Last Friday, politicians in the Regional Council earmarked DKK 72 million for, among other things, better conditions for women in labour and their families at maternity departments, more hands at gastrointestinal departments, shorter waiting times for hearing aids, and places at a hospice for children and young people with serious and life-threatening diseases.


​Moreover, politicians have allocated DKK 22 mill. to make it easier for physicians to work on the Health Platform.

The approximately DKK 72 mill. is unused funds from the 2018 budget for extended hospital treatment, and these funds have not been available until now due to uncertainty about the revenues the Capital Region of Denmark will receive from other regions in 2018. 

DKK 7 mill. for maternity departments

Politicians have allocated an additional DKK 7 mill. per year for better conditions for women in labour and their families at maternity departments.
“The birth rate is increasing, and staff are rushed off their feet. The DKK 7 mill. will help secure a good working environment for midwives, physicians and nursing staff, so that we can provide pregnant women and women in childbirth with the treatment, support and care, they need,” said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Social Democrats).

More resources to care for people with gastrointestinal diseases

Gastrointestinal units deal with diseases of the stomach and intestines, and for some time they have been short of resources to manage the many acute and seriously ill patients they receive. This has resulted in departments having difficulties in recruiting experienced nurses. Therefore, politicians have now allocated DKK 20 mill. a year to gastrointestinal units.

Respectful treatment for severely ill children

Lukashuset is Denmark's first hospice for children and young people with serious and life-threatening diseases. Lukashuset has been allocated funds in the Finance Act (state budget) for the next three years, and politicians in the Capital Region of Denmark have set aside a further DKK 2.5 mill. a year, so that Lukashuset can continue to provide severely ill children and young people with palliative treatment.

“Admission to a hospice is an unfathomable and heartbreaking situation for children and their families. I’ve visited Lukashuset several times, and it’s very close to my heart that Lukashuset should continue its important work to ensure the best and most respectful treatment at a very difficult time. This money means that now they can do so,” said the chairman of the Health Committee at the Capital Region of Denmark, Christoffer Buster Reinhardt (Conservative).

Shorter waiting times for hearing aids

The Capital Region of Denmark has some of Denmark's longest waiting times for hearing aids. Therefore, politicians have set aside DKK 7. 1 mill. to reduce waiting lists at Nordsjællands Hospital and Rigshospitalet, where there are long waiting times for hearing aids. 

More revenues than expected from other regions enable investment

In 2017, the Capital Region of Denmark received fewer revenues for patient treatment from other regions. Therefore, politicians have been reluctant to spend the resources in the budget for 2018, in case the drop in this income from other regions continued into 2018. However, the latest forecasts from hospitals show that patient revenues from other regions have returned to the same level as before implementation of the Health Platform. This means that the politicians can now use the money to take action where there is a need for additional funds at hospitals.

Efforts alleviate pressure on hospitals caused by savings in 2019

In order to balance the budget for next year, hospitals have been asked to provide suggestions for savings of DKK 198 mill. in 2019. In this connection, employee committees have warned that savings may increase pressure on staff who are already overworked, and this could ultimately affect patient treatment. The about DKK 72 mill. now being applied from the 2018 budget will alleviate this pressure. 

Individual customisation of the Health Platform for up to 3,000 physicians

Politicians have decided to apply about DKK 22 mill. of unused funds from the 2018 renovation budget to targeted efforts to make the Health Platform easier to work on for physicians. From September, 3,000 physicians will be offered individual customisation of the Health Platform so that they can have the setup that best suits their particular needs and tasks.  Funds have also been earmarked for more ‘clinical constructors’. These are physicians and nurses who have been trained in adapting the setup of the Health Platform so that it better matches the needs of the individual departments. In addition, politicians have set aside funds for a number of other initiatives to improve users’ work on the Health Platform.

Initiatives for better treatment and the working environment 

  • Reductions in waiting times for hearing aids
  • Reductions in waiting times for gender-modification surgery
  • Higher staffing levels at gastrointestinal units
  • More physicians at Bornholm Hospital
  • Extended medical treatment of blood clots
  • Knowledge Centre for Paediatric Pain Management
  • Centre for Gender Identity
  • Maternity area
  • Strategy for fertility treatment
  • Lukashuset child hospice
  • Personal medicines.

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