Team Cowi A/S is to build an ultra-modern patient centre for Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen

​On 1 January 2017, with help from the largest donation ever in Denmark, the Capital Region of Denmark launched the Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen project. The Capital Region Of Denmark is now to build a new and ultra-modern specialist centre to enhance efforts to help the increasing number of people with diabetes in the Capital Region of Denmark. Following a tendering procedure, it has now been decided that Team Cowi A/S, with sub-consultants Vilhelm Lauritzen Arkitekter, Mikkelsen Arkitekter A/S and Sted Aps., are to build the centre.

Construction of the Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen at Herlev Hospital will be completed in 2020. The centre will treat an annual 11-13,000 patients and it will be a major boost for work by the Capital Region of Denmark to help diabetes patients.

On Tuesday 20 December, construction came one step closer when Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Danish Social Democrats), Chairman of the Regional Council, announced the winner of the architect competition at a ceremony at Herlev Hospital.

“A diabetes diagnosis comes as a shock to many, and it drastically changes the patient’s own life as well as their families’. Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen will be a global leader, with treatment, clinical research, training, health-promotion and prevention activities, and I think the winning proposal looks extremely attractive. Now, I look forward to seeing the finished building so that patients and their families who have to live with diabetes can benefit from the new premises,” said Ms. Hæstorp.

Common experience

The judging committee was composed of politicians and experts, and they write the following about their selection of Team Cowi A/S: The architecture of the winning project is extremely inviting and it encapsulates a qualitative and attractive working environment. The design fully realises our visions of a building that integrates architecture, art and the landscape as a common experience for patients, their families and the personnel.

The Director of Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Allan Flyvbjerg, is impressed by the winning proposal:

“There were some very specific requirements and challenges for the building that will house Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, and I believe that the winning proposal has hit the mark. It’s important that we create a milieu in which people with diabetes, their families and the personnel all thrive and which can operate successfully well into the future. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed centre and to the start of the real work to help patients,” said Mr. Flyvbjerg.

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