The Capital Region of Denmark establishes agreement with Sweden on proton therapy

​Danish cancer patients can now be referred to Sweden for proton (particle) therapy after the Capital Region of Denmark has established a formal agreement with Region Skåne. Up to now, patients who would benefit from the therapy have been referred to the US for treatment. However, with the new agreement, patients will not have to travel as far for their treatment.

​The Capital Region of Denmark has long been looking to establish a formal agreement that would allow the Region to refer patients to Sweden for specialist radiotherapy (particle therapy).

Up to now, patients have been referred to the US, however offering the treatment in Sweden is both cheaper and less stressful for patients. The particle therapy equipment is similar to the equipment being built in Aarhus.

“We are very pleased to have this agreement in place. Now, patients no longer have to cross the Atlantic for treatment. This means shorter transport time, less stress and improved conditions for treatment in general."

"The agreement with Region Skåne also means that we will be sharing knowledge and exchanging experience in this area to a greater extent than before,” said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Danish Social Democrats), Chairman of the Regional Council, Capital Region of Denmark.

Carefully selected patients

The agreement also entails increased cooperation among specialists about cancer treatment. The therapy is very specific and patients are therefore selected on the basis of a careful medical assessment. 

Previously, around 20 patients were referred to treatment abroad annually, however the new agreement makes it possible to refer a greater number of patients.

“Patients who could benefit from treatment in Sweden are among the most vulnerable cancer patients, such as children. With a formal agreement in place, these children and their parents can now feel safer. We are obviously very keen to ensure that this extremely vulnerable group of patients receives the safest and best possible treatment,” said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.


  • ​The Skandion Clinic in Sweden can treat between 1,000-2,500 patients annually.

  • The Skandion Clinic is the first national Swedish centre for advanced proton therapy and the first clinical facility in Scandinavia.

  • A similar facility is being built in Aarhus and is expected to be ready for the first patients in late 2018.

Further information:

  • ​​Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (Danish Social Democrats), Chairman of the Regional Council, Capital Region of Denmark, via Public Relations, tel.: +45 70 20 88 95

  • Hans von der Maase, Head of Department at the Department of Oncology at Rigshospitalet, tel.: +45 29 38 41 11

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