Charge your electric car at the hospital

Drivers of electric cars will soon be able to charge their car while at the hospital. The Capital Region of Denmark has just allocated DKK 1.3 million for 13 charging stations in the capital region.

13 new charging stations on the way

One of the greatest obstacles for greater use of electric cars is their relatively short range per charge. The Capital Region of Denmark is now dealing with this problem.

During 2013-2014 a total of 13 new charging stations will be placed at car parks at the region’s hospitals and Regionsgården.

The charging stations will make it easier for more people to drive electric cars and they will contribute to the region’s climate strategy and goal of 12,000 electric cars on the roads by 2015.

“The public sector must take the lead in the transition to green transport, and make the electric car a genuine alternative to petrol and diesel cars,” said Lars Gaardhøj (Danish Social Democrats), Chairman of the Committee for the Environment and Green Growth in the Capital Region of Denmark. He added:

“Therefore, we are currently expanding charging facilities at the hospitals, which are obvious regional hubs.”

26 new charging points in the region

The possibility to charge at hospitals can double the range of an electric car.

A study shows that the hospitals in the Capital Region of Denmark are visited daily by more than 34,000 patients, relatives and employees. If there were charging stations for everyone, 94% of drivers would be able to drive an electric car to and from the hospital.

Charging paid by mobile app or credit card

The Regional Council has earmarked DKK 1.3 million for the new charging stations, but before charging-up is possible, establishment of the new charging stations will be put out to tender.

Among the requirements is that each station must be able to charge two electric cars at the same time, so a total of 26 new charging points will be established throughout the capital region. In addition, it must be possible to pay for charging using a credit card or a mobile app.

Patients and employees are expected to be able to charge the first electric cars in 2013.

Test-drive an electric-car

On Friday 24 May, the newest electric cars on the market were available for test drive or people could win a ride in the fast carbon-neutral Tesla Roadster sports car.

The event took place at The Black Diamond in Copenhagen. The event was part of Denmark’s International Region, which was a three-day event with 50 different experiences in everything that signifies the Capital Region of Denmark in constant development with international competitiveness.

Electric cars in the Capital Region of Denmark

  • The Regional Council has allocated DKK 15.5 million for 2013-2016 to realise its climate-strategy goal ‘the Capital Region of Denmark as the leading electric car region’.
  • The goal of the climate strategy is that 25% of the public vehicle fleets in the capital region must be climate-friendly.
  • Establishing charging stations is a development project, which can be expanded to more of the region’s institutions, if the experience proves positive.
  • In June 2013, the region’s new electric car secretariat will open. The secretariat will advise municipalities, the public and enterprises in the region about electric cars and facilitate the transition to electric cars.
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