Huge investment in green growth to create more jobs

The Growth Forum of the Capital City is ready to invest up to DKK 70 mill. in green growth. A new application round has been launched.

The Growth Forum of the Capital City is to create more jobs and new growth opportunities by investing in green innovative projects using up to DKK 70 mill. from the EU Structural Fund. This is about three-times more than has been granted by the government's 'Green Transition Fund' (Grøn Omstillingsfond) for 2015.

New round of applications

Organisations, educational institutions and municipalities are invited to a new round of applications to form partnerships with enterprises and propose green projects which will create growth and employment in small and medium-sized enterprises.

What about a new battery for electric cars?

"Green businesses have high productivity and therefore it is a good idea to invest in this area. Could we for example develop tomorrow's energy-saving production machines, or a more efficient battery for electric cars? Other countries are looking for more green solutions, and Denmark is at the leading edge in this area. If we can use this funding to increase exports of Danish intelligent technology, as well as other green solutions, we'll be strengthening Danish growth and we'll be getting more people into employment," said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (S), who is the chairman of the Growth Forum of the Capital City, and Chairman of the Regional Council.

Information meeting on 4 November

Applicants will typically be knowledge institutions, cluster organisations, or a growth forum which will head the project and provide participating enterprises with the necessary consultancy. The Growth Forum of the Capital City will be holding an information meeting for potential applicants on 4 November 2014.

Copenhagen must maintain its green lead

In part due the previous project financing from the Growth Forum, 600 cleantech jobs have been created in just three years. The Growth Forum wants to propel this development further with this new application round and it wants to spread the success to other green growth areas.


  • The Growth Forum of the Capital City is composed of 21 members with eight observers from the business community, knowledge and educational institutions, employers' and employees' organisations, municipalities and the Regional Council.
  • The Forum is chaired by Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, who is also the Chairman of the Regional Council for the Capital Region of Denmark.
  • The Forum contributes to the Regional Growth and Development Strategy and recommends projects for joint financing from both business development funding and the EU Structural Fund.
  • Funding in this application round for green transition can be applied for by parties who join together in a common overall project aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises. Larger projects will be prioritised. Applicants with competences to manage this type of project will typically be knowledge institutions, cluster organisations, groups of small and medium-sized enterprises, business organisations, GTS institutes (approved technological service providers), or a regional growth forum.
  • Deadline for applications is March 2015.

Further information:

Chairman of the Growth Forum of the Capital City, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen via the Capital Region of Denmark duty press officer, tel.: +45 70 20 95 88.

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