Making things easier for cyclists in the capital region

Cyclists will be getting more space to park their bikes, better lighting on the cycle superhighways and a new bicycle repair station. Ten new projects in total are to encourage more people to take their bikes around the Capital Region of Denmark.


It'll be easier by bike

Soon it will be easier to travel by bike in five municipalities in the capital region. The Capital Region of Denmark has allocated DKK 3.7 mill. to a total of ten new initiatives aimed at motivating more people to ride their bike in the municipalities of Albertslund, Furesø, Gladsaxe, Hørsholm and Rudersdal.

Vital for a green metropolitan region

"In order to create a green metropolitan region with improved quality of life, healthier citizens, cleaner air and less congestion, we must also ensure good and innovative cycling conditions for everyone," said Steen Olesen (Danish Socialist People's Party) who is Chairman of the Regional Committee of the Capital Region of Denmark.

The new initiatives include:

  • Locked and covered bike-parking facilities at Kokkedal station.
  • Development of a flexible bicycle repair station near the cycle superhighways in the municipality of Hørsholm.
  • Dynamic lighting on the Farum route between Gladsaxe Ringvej and Klausdalsbrovej.
    • Commuter bicycles at Hersted Industripark in Albertslund.
  • Various improvements in the overlap between cycling and taking public transport.

DKK 12 mill. to be invested in close collaboration with municipalities

The ten initiatives are part of the Regional Council pool of DKK 12 mill. which, over a period of three years, is to enhance cycling in the capital region.

"As a region, we can help create overall integration and quality, but it is vital that the projects take place in close collaboration with the municipalities," said Helen Lundgaard, special advisor in the Capital Region of Denmark.

Municipalities to contribute 40%

Each allocation presupposes that the projects help improve accessibility by cycle, and that each municipality self-finances 40% of each project.

Facts: Cycling projects in the Capital Region of Denmark:

  • In the period 2009-2016, the Capital Region of Denmark will be granting more than DKK 40 mill. for regional cycling projects.
  • The focus of the projects is commuting by bike and combination trips with buses, trains and bikes.
  • These projects may also aim at creating better standards for cycling for leisure, or development and innovation within cycling.

For more information, please contact:

  • Steen Olesen (Danish Socialist People's Party), Chairman of the Regional Committee of the Capital Region of Denmark, mobile phone: (+45) 20 63 24 76.
  • Helen Lundgaard, special advisor in the Capital Region of Denmark, mobile phone: (+45) 23 48 31 43.
  • Public Relations, Capital Region of Denmark, telephone: (+45) 70 20 95 88
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