New equipment costing DKK 146 mill. will shorten waiting times for cancer patients

The Regional Council in the Capital Region of Denmark has decided to procure new hospital equipment for DKK 146 mill. over the next year. The new equipment will help cut waiting times for cancer treatment.

The new Regional Council in the Capital Region of Denmark met for the first time earlier this month. A large majority of the Council decided that new medico-technical equipment was to be procured in 2014 for the region's hospitals, costing a total of DKK 146 mill.

About half of this amount will be spent on new equipment for cancer diagnostics and treatment, and among other things this will ensure that cancer patients can receive the right treatment more quickly.

A good thing that the region will invest

"A cancer diagnosis is always extremely difficult to deal with, and having to wait to start treatment must be very hard. Therefore, I'm very happy for the pledge from the Regional Council to invest what is needed so that we can ensure the right treatment at the right time," said Sophie Hæstorp Andersen.

New equipment for other areas as well

In addition to the upgrade for the cancer area, money will also be spent on a number of other areas, e.g. on laboratory equipment, and in the cardiology and surgical areas.

For more information please contact:

  • Kenneth Forsstrøm Jensen, Centre for Financial Affairs, +45 38 66 59 01
  • Sophie Hæstorp Andersen via the On-duty Press Officer at the Capital Region of Denmark, tel: +45 70 20 95 88
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