About Copenhagen EU Office

​​CPHEU in Brussels helps the region, municipalities, universities and companies apply for EU funding, influence EU policies and create networks. Our vision is to consolidate Greater Copenhagen as a hub for growth, quality of life and cutting edge innovation.

Greater Copenhagen in Europe

The EU plays a vital role in shaping Greater Copenhagen as an international hub for growth and knowledge. We help our members explore and apply for EU funding, find partners and engage in networks that position members, sectors and key interests towards the EU institutions and policy agenda.

What do we do

We help the CPHEU members and companies navigate the EU growth and research agendas. We assist and advise within five areas: Project development, advocacy, networking activities, branding and EU proficiency. We seek to create international innovation partnerships with the participation of the region, municipalities, universities and companies. We engage regional stakeholders in EU activities and gather international inspiration to create knowledge, development and growth. We take advantage of the synergies inherent in working with European partners and to solve societal challenges.

Why we are in Brussels

It is our vision to consolidate Greater Copenhagen as a metropolis for high growth and quality of life as well as an international hub for excellent research and cutting edge innovation. European cooperation, funding and networks should contribute to this development.