​CAMES resides at four addresses with different facilities and equipment available. Read more below.

Aldersrogade 6C, 3. floor, 2100 Copenhagen

CAMES training of the medical students from Copenhagen University is located on the third floor at Aldersrogade 6C. The facilities consist of two rooms for ultrasound, five classrooms and four rooms for recording besides a PC room, offices and common areas - all in all with access to 400 m2 teaching facilities. 

Hammershusgade 11, 2100 Copenhagen

On the groundfloor at Hammershusgade in Copenhagen, CAMES has access to six classrooms/grouprooms all provided with projectors and PC's as well as four consultation-rooms. Furthermore, in the big meetingroom and the smaller group rooms, the medical students train different technical skills - approximal 300 m2.  

Herlev Hospital, Herlev Ringvej 75, 2730 H​erlev

At the 25th and 26th floor of Herlev Hospital CAMES has access to over 4000 m2 of highly specialized simulation and training facilities. In the basement we have over 400 m2 of additional simulation facilities.

All in all, CAMES has 16 fully equipped rooms for full scale simulation along with rooms for debriefing at Herlev Hospital​. Furthermore we have five large classrooms, a training car wreck, a mock up ambulance and access to a fully equipped ambulance in active service.

​CAMES has advanced simulators (neon​atal, child and adult), less advanced simulators and equipment for training of practical skills.

​Teilum Building, Frederi​​k Vs vej 11, 2100 Kbh​ Ø

At the ground- and first floor in section 5405 is the Simulation center which consist of 18 rooms as well as a classrooms that can host up to 30 people, besides the offices – all in all 290 m2 for simulationtraining and development. 

The Teilum Building also houses all of the technical simulation, where doctors train medical procedures on the different simulators. Teilum also accommodates some of the pedagogical-courses and operating rooms, where surgeons train different scills. 

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