We are always glad to present CAMES and our activities and you are welcome to visit us and learn more about the many facets of simulation-based training.

Tour of CAMES Herlev

Duration: 1½ hours

A tour of CAMES Herlev includes:

  • General introduction
  • Guided tour at CAMES Herlev

We recommend a maximum of 16 visitors.

This tour package is free of charge.

Customized visit to CAMES Herlev

Duration: 3 hours

A customized visit to CAMES includes:

  • General introduction
  • Focused tour at CAMES Herlev based on your profile and requests
  • Concluding dialogue where you have the opportunity to come up with topics in advance

We have capacity for a maximum of 16 visitors but recommend a smaller number, approximately 10 visitors. Coffee and tea are included, and you can buy lunch as an additional option.

Price: 4000 DKK.

Additional modules

You have the option of purchasing specialized modules as a supplement for your visit or as a one-off activity.

Module 1: How to establish and manage a simulation center

Duration: 1 hour

Get an insight into how CAMES is run on a day-to-day basis and see how we navigate in collaboration with other regional sections, hospitals, universities, private corporations and international collaboration partners.

Price: 2000 DKK.

Module 2: Research in Simulation

Duration: 1 hour

Get introduced to some of the various range of facets of CAMES’ research in education, and get an introduction to the elements of patient safety-improving training.

Price: 2000 DKK.

Module 3: Simulation based education

Duration: 1 hour

Become familiar with the pedagogical and didactic principles behind CAMES’ simulation-based education.

Price: 2000 DKK.

Module 4: How we simulate at CAMES

Duration: 1 hour

Explore the many facets of simulation-based training.

Experience what it takes to prepare, execute and evaluate a simulation-based course. Examples include simulation in relation to teamwork, communication, decision making and leadership.

Price: 3000 DKK.

If you are interested in a visit including multiple presentations specially designed for you, we can also make you an offer for this.

Contact us and let us together plan the best day for you based on your needs and expectations.

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