EuSim Simulation Instructor Courses - Level 1 & 2 and Non Acute Care

Instructor courses - both level 1 and 2 - are held internationally to spread the use of simulation based teaching and training in safe environments.

Learning objectives



  • All aspects of doing simulation based training.
  • Development of  simulation set-ups and scenarios and leading realistic scenarios.
  • Briefing & debriefing technique.
  • Adult learning and CRM.



At the advanced courses more emphasis is placed on CRM, debriefing and feedback, integration of Non Technical Skills and identifcation of barriers.​

Form and content

There will be both plenary and small group activites at the course, with theory as well as practice in groups rooms, simulation rooms and on manikins.

Target group

Medical personnel using simulation based training for teaching.





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Special circumstances

To be able to participate in the advanced EuSIm course the participant must have been working actively with simulation for at least a year and must have participated in at least 25 simulations.


Questions regarding course content:
Peter Dieckmann

Other questions:
Birgit Munk Andersen
Phone: +45 ​3868 3451.​​

Responsible editor