Lene Spanager

​MD, PhD

​Postdoc at CAMES

Specialty: Surgery
No. of Publications: 24
H-index: 12
Keywords: Non-technical skills; Surgery; Robot-assisted surgery

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Lene Spanager focuses on feedback and assessment of non-technical skills in surgery and robotic surgery. 

Her aim is to make the education of robotic teams more evidence-based and to explore how feedback and debriefing can be meaningfully applied to trainees.

Selected Publications

Mundt AS, Gjeraa K, Spanager L, Petersen SS, Dieckmann P, Østergaard D. Okay, let´s talk – short debriefings in the operating room. Heliyon 2020;6(7):e04386

Gjeraa K, Dieckmann P, Spanager L, Petersen RH, Østergaard D, Park YS, Konge L. Exploring Shared Mental Models of surgical teams in Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery lobectomy. Ann Thorac Surg. 2019;107(3):954-961

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