Flemming Bjerrum

​MD, PhD

​Postdoc at CAMES

Specialty: Gastrointestinal Surgery
No. of Publications: 37
H-index: 20
Keywords: Assessment; Robotic surgery; Simulation; Virtual Reality; Laparoscopy.
E-mail: fbjerrum@gmail.com

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Flemming Bjerrum’s research focuses on assessment, instructional design within laparoscopy and robotic surgery including immersive virtual reality. 

He aims to make more evidence-based robotic simulation-based education and include more advanced procedures within robotic-surgical training. 

Selected Publications

Frederiksen JG, Sørensen SMD, Konge L, et al. Cognitive load and performance in immersive virtual reality versus conventional virtual reality simulation training of laparoscopic surgery: a randomized trial. Surg Endosc. 2020;34(3):1244-1252.

Bjerrum F, Thomsen ASS, Nayahangan LJ, Konge L. Surgical simulation: Current practices and future perspectives for technical skills training. Med Teach. 2018;40(7):668-675.

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