Education in Robot assisted surgery

​Robot assisted surgery is important in future treatment of patients. CAMES has a research-based strategy in the development of most qualified training programs and is investigating new methods

Robot assisted surgery is an important tool in future operative treatment of patients. Therefore, it is es-sential to have effective training programs for future robotic surgeons and robotic operating teams. For training to be most effective it needs to be evidence-based and follow the principles of best practice for surgical education. 

CAMES has a research-based strategy for developing the best robotic training programs for multiple surgical specialties, which includes systematic identification of learning goals and training objectives, as well as development and testing of training and assessment tools like advanced 3D printed models and virtual reality simulators.  

We are also doing research into new methods for optimal assessment like crowd-based solutions and machine learning models to make objective assessment of surgeons easier to implement and to measure performance during real procedures.

Responsible for the CAMES Robotic Research


Flemming Bjerrum               Lars Konge                 Lene Spanager    


       Peter Hertz              Jannie L Poulsen

Responsible editor